DC Adventures: Earth 7

Blood in the Streets

Characters and Setting

Since this adventure was designed to be run at conventions, it was written with per-made DC Characters in mind, but it can be adapted to allow for player created characters. Note, that if you allow characters with super strength, mental powers, or similar abilities you will need to adjust the abilities of the villains accordingly. While this adventure is set in Gotham City the Batman is not included as a player option to keep all the PCs on similar footing.

This adventure uses a default worlds setting referred to as Earth Seven for its continuity and not the current New 52 DC Universe that is being publisher by DC Comics. The history of the Earth Seven follows the published post Crisis on Infinite Earth continuity of the DCU until the early 90’s, and that is where the time line stops and our stories pick up.

How this applies to the characters of the Bat Family. For those familiar with the Bat history, this is pre-Knightfall, Bruce Wayne is Batman, Dick Grayson is Nightwing, Tim Drake is still relatively new to his role as Robin, Stephanie Brown is still the Spoiler, while Jean-Paul Valley is still Azrael, having yet to assume the mantel of the Bat. Other major changes like Barbra Gordon regaining the use of her legs or Jason Todd’s resurrection, and other recent events from the comics have yet to occurred.

Stats for the possible player characters and a majority of the NPCs can be found in Heroes & Villains vol 1 or vol 2, for new characters stats for those characters will be included.

Possible PC list

  • Azrael: H&V vol 1, pg.37
  • Creeper: H&V vol1, pg. 132
  • Flamebird: See Appendix of this adventure
  • Huntress: H&V vol 1, pg.271
  • Nightwing: H&V vol 2, pg.82
  • Ragman: H&V vol 2, pg. 125
  • Robin: H&V vol 2, pg. 144
  • Spoiler (use Batgirl [Stephanie Brown] stats): H&V vol 1 pg.41

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